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STV-German Language School
Youth Classes

The children's classes are held on Saturday mornings in eight week sessions.  The Krabbelgruppe is exposed to the German language through play, songs and stories.  The children and parents participate together with the teacher guiding the activities. The four to seven year olds participate in songs, stories, play and art/craft activities with the teacher guiding them and parents observing.  The eight- to twelve-year-olds are exposed to the written and spoken German language and  are encouraged to participate in speaking, singing and writing in German.  Some English will be used to help the children understand directions. The staff is dedicated to making the experiences for children both educational and fun.

Course Descriptions
Krabbelgruppe (Ages 1-3 with parent participation)
In this class toddlers and parents learn songs, rhymes and rhythms together. This class includes all senses and covers activities for fine motor skills development. It includes interesting things to touch, see and explore from  daily life, exercises and sensory materials. It will also enrich the parent-child relationship.

Children's Class (Ages 4-7)
This class is a fast paced, high-energy forty-five minuutes of songs, games, crafts and fun, instructed extensively in German. The children are guided through traditional activities such as one would find in a German home or play group. Although this is for younger children, the older ones are invited to stay and learn the songs and games as well.

Children's Class (Ages 8-12)
The children are guided through an hour of thematic units such as numbers, letters, family, friends, sports, the body, food, the circus, etc. with movement, games, rhymes and rhythm. A weekly lesson brings in a more academic element and the students practice using what they have learned.


Heritage Speakers Class (Ages 7-12)
The German Language School is proud to offer for the first time, The Heritage Speakers Class for youth that speak German at home, or have lived in German speaking countries. Please click HERE for more information.

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