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STV-German Language School
Language & Culture Scholarship

German Language School: Rustmann German L & C Scholarship

(offered to eligible high school seniors in the Greater Sacramento Metropolitan Area)


The German Language School (GLS) and The German-American Cultural Center – Library, both Sections of the Sacramento Turn Verein (STV) located at 3349 J Street in Sacramento, have established two annual scholarships for graduating high school seniors. Eligible senior high school students must have taken German during their high school years, and must have applied and been accepted at an institution of higher learning beyond secondary school. The motivation for the establishment of this scholarship is to award and encourage the study of German language and culture.

For students graduating and beginning their studies in the fall following high school graduation, two awards in the amount of $500 each will be awarded to two individuals after review of all applications in the spring before graduation. The monetary award will be granted to the winners after proof of acceptance and enrollment is provided to the Sacramento Turn Verein GLS/German-American Cultural Center – Library Scholarship Committee by July 1 following high school graduation. Students intending to take a “GAP” year between high school and further studies are not eligible.


Potential applicants must fulfill the following requirements in order to apply:

1. Applicant must be a senior in high school, graduating in the spring, and must apply and be accepted at an institution of higher learning (including vocational schools, two- and/or four-year colleges and universities.) Proof of acceptance at and/or enrollment in an institution of higher learning will be required before the monetary award can be bestowed.

2. Applicant must have taken and successfully completed at least one of the following courses: two semesters of high school German; one semester of German at a community college; two classes at the STV-German Language School, or at an accredited German language summer program. Proof of completion of the course must be submitted with the application. (Copy of grade report, transcript, or certificate of completion.)

3. Applicant must submit a typed essay no longer than 500 words addressing one of the prompts proposed in the essay section of the application.

4. Applicant must submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher, secondary school counselor or administrator with the application. See directions below.

5. Applicant must submit a completed application via regular mail between January 1 and February 15 of the present academic year (between August and June).

Application Procedure

1. Fill out the application. (Make a copy of the application sent to your high school, or download one from our website:

2. Submit the following documents with the application:

* A completed application page and an essay; (See prompts in the application.)

* One letter of recommendation, sealed and signed by recommender across sealed flap;

* Proof of having completed the required German classes: a copy of a transcript or grade report, or confirmation of completion by instructor;

3. Send to: STV-GLS/GACC – L Scholarship Committee, 3349 J St., Sacramento, CA 95816

by regular mail (no signature required, please) by February 15 of this academic year;

4. The Scholarship Committee will evaluate and announce the winners by March 15 of this academic year via regular mail and e-mail;

5. The award ceremony will take place during the GLS Maifest at the Sacramento Turn Verein on the first Sunday in May. The actual monetary award will be awarded after the winner has submitted a copy of acceptance and/or enrollment in an institution of higher learning to the STV German Language School and the STV German-American Cultural Center – Library by July 1 after high school graduation.

To download these instructions and application in PDF form, click here