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STV-German Language School

Wir sprechen Deutsch!

Adult Class Schedule

2021 Summer Schedule for Adults:

This is a 4 week sesssion running

June 7th through June 30th depending on class selection







Beginner I Conversation
with minimal experience


 6:00  -

7:30 PM

June 9th -

June 30th


Karin Not Applicable

Beginner II Conversation 

Requires  3-4 Previous Courses


 7:45  -

9:15 PM

June 9th -

June 30th



Not Applicable

Intermediate Conversation


 6:00  -

7:30 PM

June 8th -

June 29th

Online Sonja Not Applicable

Advanced Conversation


6:00  -

7:30 PM

June 7th -

June 28th

Online Tina Not Applicable

For Class Registration, click HERE!

Download the PDF schedule HERE

When classes are taught in person, the Sacramento Turn Verein (STV) opens to students 30 minutes prior to class. Students must leave the STV at the end of each class, no later than the teacher. For online classes the teacher will send a Zoom link so you can log on to the class from your home computer or phone.

Tuition for adult summer classes is $55 for with 6 hours of instruction, Fees are due on enrollment and are non-refundable. If enrollment does not meet the minimum number of four students per class, we will attempt to consolidate classes, change the class time, or- as a last resort - we may be forced to cancel the class for the session. Tuition for children’s classes is $ 35 for the 0 to 7 group and $ 50 for the 8-12 group.

Students can register online with a credit card using PayPal approximately one week before classes start. The day before the first day of class, online registration will close temporarily. Our website address is When it is possible to hold classes at the STV again, students may also register in person on the first day of class and pay the tuition by cash, check, or credit card. However, while we make every effort to enroll all who come, we cannot guarantee that your first choice of class, date and time is still available. This applies especially to the beginning classes. If you wish to register in person (when classes are not taught online), please arrive at the STV 30 minutes prior to the start of classess to avoid a late start.

REGISTERING EARLY ONLINE makes for smooth and efficient scheduling and enrollment procedures.