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Sacramento Turn Verein German Language School
    New Session Dates for 2020

    All adult classes are 8 weeks, except for the summer conversation classes, and the Holiday Traditions class, which are 4 weeks. The spring youth session is 7 weeks due to the Bockbierfest on April 4, and the late fall youth session is 7 weeks due to the Christkindlmarkt.

    Winter Session for Adults

    January 6/7/8 to Feb 24/25/26 

    No holidays 

    Youth Winter Session

    Jan 11 to Feb 29

    no holiday

    Spring Session for Adults 

    March 9/10/11 to May 4/5/6

    (No classes the week of April 12 for Easter week)

    Youth Spring Session

    March 14 to May 16

    (No classes on April 4 for the Bockbierfest

    and on April 11 for Easter,)

    Summer Session for Adults

    (Beginning, Intermediate 

    and Advanced conversation)

    June 1 to June 22

    No holidays

    Youth Summer Session

    June 6 to June 27

    No holidays

    Early Fall Session for Adults

    August 10/11/12 to October 5/6/7

    (No classes the week of September 7 for Labor Day) 

    Youth Early Fall Session

    August 8  to Oct. 3 

    (No class September 5th for Labor Day)

    Late Fall Session for Adults

    Oct. 19/20/21 to Dec. 7/8/9
    (No class the week of Nov. 26  for Thanksgiving)

    Youth Late Fall Session

    Oct. 17 to Dec. 12

    (No class Nov. 28 for Thanksgiving and Dec. 5

     for the Christkindlmarkt)

    This is a 7-week session