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STV-German Language School
    New Session Dates for 2021

    All adult classes are 8 weeks, with the exception of Holidays and specialized classes.

    Please check the Class pages for adults and children and review the schedule.

    Winter Session for Adults

    January 4th thru February 25th

    No Holidays 

    Youth Winter Session

    January 6th thru February 27th

    No Holidays

    Spring Session for Adults 

    March 8th thru May 4th

    (No classes the week of April 4th

    for Easter week)

    Youth Spring Session

    March 10th thru May 8th

    (No classes on April 4 for the

    Bockbierfest and on April 11 for Easter,)

    Summer Session for Adults

    June 7th thru June 30th

    No holidays

    Youth Summer Session

    June 5th to June 26th

    No holidays

    Early Fall Session for Adults

    August 9,10,11th thru October 4,5,6th

    (No classes the week of September 6th

    for Labor Day) 

    Youth Early Fall Session

    August 11th  to Oct. 6th

    (May be one class short if Oktoberfest

    is in session)

    Late Fall Session for Adults

    October 18,19,20th thru December 6,7,8th
    (Possible no class for Thanksgiving week,

    please check back on the website.)

    Youth Late Fall Session

    October 20th thru December 11th

    (Possible no class for Thanksgiving

    week and Christkindlmarkt, please check

    back on the website)